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Ozone BRS – Affordable Bank Reconciliation Solution

Ozone Bank Reconciliation System (BRS) is an affordable and client-specific software solution developed by Ozone United Company LLC. Our accounting software in Oman can be considered as an automated alternative to the error-prone and time consuming manual reconciliation. Ozone BRS is not only automated and customizable, but it is highly secure and has an easy-to-use transaction matching system.

Why Automate Your Bank Reconciliation Process

A company's most important reconciliation process is the bank reconciliation, and it can vary depending on your business activity. Many businesses continue to reconcile their bank accounts by printing out statements. They go through all entries in the account to see which are open with the help of a pocket calculator and pencil. Others use MS Excel as a tool, to eliminate the items which through summaries and macros. It depends on the person who performs manual reconciliation when you consider efficiency and accuracy of the task. When the reconciliation is complete, all balances in the ledger and bank, and in addition, any differences have to be reported. Reconciliation results can be manually transferred into the accounts when the task is done in an external system outside the accounts system in spreadsheets. By implementing Ozone BRS into your bank reconciliation process, you can automate paper-based and manual systems for minimizing operational risk and to create exceptions-based and proactive transaction lifecycle processing. You can get more visibility into reconciliations and outstanding positions by taking pre-emptive approach to managing exceptions as they occur throughout the lifecycle. Our accounting software in Oman provides you more cost-effective tasks with the ability to manage higher transaction volumes with a lower headcount.

Salient Features of Ozone BRS
  • Clear transactions by a single company ID or by all company IDs
  • This software supports unlimited bank accounts, records and contacts
  • Ozone BRS supports multiple companies or divisions posting to a single General Ledger
  • You can retrieve transactions from a single bank or all banks at the same time
  • You can retrieve transactions from all modules
  • You can identify General Ledger Account for each bank
  • In-depth reporting and screen enquiries
  • For cash management, there is an integrated bank register in Ozone BRS
  • You can enter an unlimited number of contacts with four phone numbers each
  • Ozone BRS software allows you to choose data from any combination of modules and companies.
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If you are tired of performing manual bank reconciliation and want to automate these tasks for saving time and to cut expenses then contact us to help you in implementing Ozone BRS software as per your needs and requirements.