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Ozone CMS – Reliable Management Solution for Clinics

Ozone CMS is a simple but sophisticated clinic management system that serves all needs of clinical businesses irrespective of size. Developed by Ozone United Company LLC, our user-friendly clinic management software mainly concentrates in registering patients records based on individual or corporate category, maintaining patient records, printing prescriptions, and billing etc. It also helps in fixing appointments with doctors, a full set of standard reports, and many more.

Ozone CMS has the following features:

  • Employee/ User Definition
  • Patient Management(Front Office)
  • Doctor Patient Management
  • Financial Management
  • Report

How to Manage Your Clinic Smoothly and Efficiently
Healthcare organizations such as clinics need to manage their business efficiently so that they can maintain a constant revenue growth. If you are a healthcare professional who is running your own clinic then it must be difficult for you to manage it as you need to handle management tasks such as accounting, billing, lab reports, patient appointment fixing, and many more. Due to this, you won't be getting enough time to focus on your core activities and it can be avoided when you implement a reliable and affordable clinic management system.
A web-based and customized clinic management software like Ozone CMS acts as a personal assistant to doctors to deliver best patient care and also boost business productivity. This user-friendly software enables all the medical personnel to manage their daily activities very efficiently and in a more coordinated manner. This most comprehensive and affordable software solution is ideal for all doctors for their medical practice.
Ozone CMS can be designed either for single user or for multiple users in a network environment, and normally comes up with useful tools to provide a complete medical solution. Before these healthcare establishments implemented these clinic management systems, they were tedious, but now, with the help of this software, made their establishment into a clutter-free, paperless, and time-efficient clinic.
Benefits You Gain From Ozone CMS

  • Ozone CMS is easy to use and simple to learn
  • This software can vastly improve your workflow
  • It can store pictures, videos and images of pre and post treatment or surgery
  • This software can store X-Ray, CT, and MRI scan images.
  • It provides custom templates for data entry
  • Ozone CMS software has the facility to edit medical prescriptions
  • Our CMS software is suitable for all fields of specialization, and it minimizes repetitive tasks.
  • You can enable easy scheduling and leave marking
  • You can scan patients report for future reference with the help of our software.

Consult with Our Experts
If you are really interested in our clinic management software you can consult with experts at Ozone United for customizing CMS software as per your needs and requirements. Also, our software solutions are highly competitive so that you need not to worry about budget constraints.