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Ozone Discussion Forum – A Platform to conduct virtual business meetings

Ozone Discussion Forum is customizable and affordable software designed and developed by Ozone United Company LLC. When you implement our software in your day-to-day discussion tasks, it will enable you to establish a comprehensive database of details provided by each member assigned to the discussion. Our web-based Discussion Forum in Oman is highly feature-rich and user-friendly. This application can be used for any field of business or industry.

Why You Need a Comprehensive Discussion Forum solution?

In every business, decisions on various levels need to be taken after consulting a set of employees in the organization. Most of the times it is difficult to get together all the related people for a meeting due to various reasons. After a meeting, the summary is usually sent to all the participants regarding the various points discussed in the meeting(MOM) and documents related to this is maintained separately. By use of Ozone Discussion Forum, this process can be made simpler and the points and documents related to the discussion need not be maintained separately with extra efforts. This application allows you to initiate a discussion or meeting. The owner of the discussion can invite any number of employees without having to check their availability. The access for each invited member can be set by the owner. The discussion forum records the comments of all the attendees hence the MOM is accessible and ready at any point of time. Documents for reference can be attached either by the owner or any participants. We can even link one discussion to another for reference. This application not only helps in easing the process of conducting meetings or discussions but it also helps us to archive all the discussions in past which can be accessed at any time for quick view or reference.

Salient Features of Ozone PMS
  • Initiate a Discussion/Meeting
  • Invite all the related Members for the discussion
  • User can create customized groups for discussion
  • Set deadlines for the discussion
  • Each participant can be given Read/Write access by the Owner
  • Participants with read access can view the discussion and comment
  • Participants with Write access can Approve, Reject, Attach Documents or even invite new members to the discussion
  • Owner can close the discussion
  • Closed discussions will be archived
  • Employees going on Leave can reassign another employee on their behalf to attend the discussions
  • Link one discussion to another
Cut Unnecessary Expenses and Save Time

By automating discussion forum tasks, you can cut spending on the use of paper, track MOM easily, have easy access to the related documents and save more time. If you are really interested in knowing more about our Discussion Forum software then reach us by phone or via email.