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Ozone DMS – Reliable and Flexible Solution for Document Management

Ozone Document Management System (DMS) designed and developed by Oman based software company Ozone United Company LLC, helps in organizing, securing and managing your documents efficiently. Ozone DMS is highly competitive and web-based document management software which is easy to install, and easy to use. Our software is highly affordable for small, medium and large business enterprises alike, and it improves the way you process and manage your valuable documents, giving you peace of mind as you save time and money.
Ozone DMS is designed to meet your company's unique needs and challenges without any expensive system setup and time-consuming training. By implementing our software, you can increase your organization's efficiency and productivity while decreasing your risk. Some of the salient features of Ozone DMS software include:

  • User Management
  • Document/Works Classification
  • Manager
  • Document Manager
  • Email Manager
  • User Dash Board

How Does Ozone Document Management System Works
We know that most businesses have computerized systems for managing and storing documents electronically. But these online storage systems simply provides a place for you to store a variety of documents. A reliable and user-friendly document management system such as Ozone DMS do much more. This software is essentially an electronic library where you can easily search, share and manage documents. Some of the specific functions of our customizable document management software include:

  • You can access, edit and share documents via mobile devices
  • Storing various types of documents that include emails, pdfs, word processing files and spreadsheet files.
  • Creating new files directly within the system that can be edited and shared with others
  • Individual keywords used for searching an entire library of files
  • You can share documents with your coworkers, departments and clients
  • You can track edits made to documents
  • You can retrieve previous versions of edited documents
  • You can restrict access to certain documents
  • You can control and regulate when out-of-date documents can be deleted

When using Ozone DMS, you have the option of installing and running it on your system or network or accessing it via the cloud. Ozone United Company LLC offers various versions of Ozone DMS, which vary by storage space and features.
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If you want to simplify and automate document management processes to save time then Ozone DMS can fulfill your needs. Our software has all the features you are looking for and it is suitable to business organizations irrespective of their size. You can make Ozone DMS budget-friendly by choosing our customizable options.