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Ozone EAS – Economical and Simplified Solution for Email Archiving

Ozone EAS is an affordable and simplified email archiving solution designed and developed by Ozone United Company LLC. Partnered with MailArchiva, Ozone EAS is the email archiving, email discovery and email compliance solution of choice for thousands of big and small enterprises, educational establishments, NGOs and government agencies around the world. Our email archiving software can give your business and compliance benefits of email archiving without the setup and running costs that are usually associated with email archiving. This Microsoft Exchange-supported archiving software solution is remarkably easy to install and configure, does not require any IT specialist to manage the software, compatible on all hardware platforms and does not require complex and costly relational database packages to function.
Why Businesses Need an Email Archiving Software
For most business organizations, email is the most significant factor that cause increase in storage requirements for the company. And, we all know that email is the standard method for corporate communication. Email consumes more employee time than almost any other task. Many researches have pointed out that users spend one-quarter of their time working with email.
In addition, as much as 75% of an organization's intellectual property exists only within email. It is no wonder many regulatory bodies need email archiving and searching solutions. An email archive is a secure storage space for messages that requires no interaction from the end user. Keep in mind that archiving does mean backup, and archiving needs backup and restore capability as any other repository does.
Advantages of Ozone Email Archiving Solution

  • Minimizing IT costs and expenditures
  • Legal safeguard for email compliance
  • 100% complete mail archiving
  • Prevent users from deleting mail
  • Independence and security
  • Reduce the workload of mail servers
  • Save up to 70% storage space
  • Reduce backup and restore times
  • Restore your backup data with one click
  • Access to emails when server fails
  • Extremely fast search access
  • Mailbox quotas elimination

Approach Us for Simplifying Your Email Archiving Tasks
We target Ozone EAS software to small and medium enterprises as our email archiving solution is highly competitive and budget-friendly compared to software offered by other IT companies. We make sure that the software you purchase is fully customized to your email archiving specifications, and fully compatible to any mail server.