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Ozone FMS – Manage Your Facilities with Ease

Ozone Facility Management System (FMS) is a customizable software solution designed and developed by Ozone United Company LLC. This affordable and automated software will smoothen routine tasks for a service providing organizations. Ozone FMS will provide easy management of all the services given to various customers, tracking payments received and Inventory Management.

What is Facility Management?

The term 'facility management' defined by International Facility Management Association (IFMA) states that "a profession that consists of multiple disciplines to make sure that the functionality of the built environment by integrating people, process and technology." In simple words, facility management is meant to make an organization as a whole more effective at what it does by coordinating the facility's operations. It is the job of a facility manager to make sure that everything works harmoniously together, and he is responsible for keeping the facility alive.

Here the term 'facility' refers to any type of establishment that serves a greater purpose such as providing goods and services. In the most traditional sense, this refers to offices and factories, but establishments like schools, hospitals, retail stores, sport complexes and jails also come under 'facility' category. Facilities management is the coordination of everything within the facility so that routine activities run smoothly.

Ozone FMS Software Simplifies Facility Management Tasks

In most times, facility management can be a challenging task when your facility is quite large. However, when you implement a facility management software then you can simplify a very complex facility management tasks. Facility managers use facility management software to identify and schedule tasks, keep records, and make facilities decisions and more.Some of the salient features of Ozone FMS include:

  • Property definition
  • Inventory management
  • Services and their cost definition
  • Property registration
  • User dashboard
  • Department definition
  • LPO generation
  • Service registration – Service Level Agreements / Reactive Maintenance
  • Enquiry registration from Helpdesk / Reception

Benefits You Can Reap from Ozone FMS

By implementing our FMS software, you can gain benefits that include saving money and time, boosting productivity, ensuring safety of workers, day-to-day business activities running smoothly, and creating an atmosphere that is pleasing to clients and customers. If you are interesting in purchasing our affordable and customizable FMS, then contact us right away.