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Ozone HDMS – Robust and Intuitive Help Desk Management Tool

Ozone HDMS is a robust and intuitive help desk management system designed and developed by Ozone United Company LLC. This highly user-friendly and affordable software has advanced capabilities that include automation & self-service, reporting capabilities, and dashboards. It preemptively manages servers and applications, network events, desktops, and resolve issues quickly and effectively.
Ozone HDMS has the following features:

  • Support Ticket Management
  • Raising and Tracking Help Ticket
  • Approval of Help Tickets
  • Support Engineer Mapping
  • Employee Management
  • Designation Definition
  • Department Definition
  • Closing / Reopening Help Tickets
  • Approval of Help Tickets
  • Request Type Definition
  • Page access definition for different users
  • Reports

How Ozone HDMS Benefits Your Company
Ozone help desk management software provides numerous benefits to system administrators and IT professionals. Your company staff always appreciate a resource for their potential issues and queries when you introduce a web-based and flexible help desk management tool such as Ozone HDMS. When employees submit a report, they are ensured that their problems are forwarded to the correct member of the support staff. Once a report has been submitted to the system, the employee will have the ability to log in and monitor the progress of their ticket.
Ozone HDMS is a web-based software that will helps you in managing enquiries as well as other types of support processes. The software also ranks enquiries and classifies them all by priority. At the same time, the software transfers them to the appropriate department for issue resolution. This type of software can also help minimize the amount that is needed for the support staff. As a result, your IT support staff can become experts in just a short amount of time.
Such an advantage allows for a much quicker resolution of employee networking problems, which in turn frees up your IT staff to support an even higher volume of employees. IT support staff can also benefit from help desk management software as their jobs become smoother. In addition, employees will receive service in a more efficient manner and wait times are reduce considerably. Because ticket history is stored, the support staff is better able to accurately assess problems and take necessary action.
Another benefit of using a help desk management system is that managers have the ability to keep track of members and their performance in the company. You can easily create reports with Ozone HDMS as it has resolution and tracking tools. When you implement our software in your company, it benefits your organization as a whole as your employees become more productive with shorter periods of downtime.
Contact Us to Know More
If you are interested in our HDMS software then you can approach our experts to customize it as per your business requirements. Our software is highly affordable so that you need not to worry about budget constraints. In addition, our software is compatible in all major OS platforms and fully compliant to international standards.