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Ozone INSURIA – Insurance Brokers ERP Solution

Ozone Insuria is an insurance broking centric ERP software developed by Ozone United Company LLC which is a well-known software developing company in Muscat, Oman. This software is designed at par with business-oriented requirements of insurance brokers. One of the main highlights of this ERP software is that day-to-day operations are incorporated with seamless integration into the accounting module of the software. Ozone Insuria emphasizes on information on demand. With its strong foundation as an online application, this customizable software helps to analyze your insurance brokering business anytime and anywhere in the world.

Cloud-based and Interactive Software

Ozone Insuria is a cloud based ERP system in Oman that has a single server license which can incorporate unlimited users and branches. By implementing this software into your routine business operations, you can manage and monitor all your business centers – branch(s) / agency (s) – from any part of the globe.

To provide all necessary business information on-demand, this ERP software is structured with client-server architecture. To restrict application users who reach on your critical business information, you can implement access restriction policies. Also, Ozone Insuria generates robust MIS reports to evaluate business production and all these reports can be exported to PDF or MS Excel format.

Functional Overview of Insurance Brokers ERP System

    Master Configurations

  • Insurance Company Definitions
  • Policy Type
  • Policy Inventories(forms) Management
  • Geographical Area(s) of Coverage
  • Business Operations

  • Client Management
  • Policy Entry/ Renewal
  • Endorsements
  • Claims
  • HRMS

  • Employee Database
  • Leave Register
  • Payroll Processing
  • MIS

  • Production-Business, Renewal List, Renewal Lost, Claims
  • Recievable- Payable Statement(s) with Aging
  • Debtors-Creditors age Analysis
  • Turn Over Report
  • Finance

  • Invoicing-Debit Memo & Credit Memo
  • Ledger, P & L, Trial Balance Statements
  • Fixed Asset Depreciation Management
  • Prepaid Expenses Booking and Allocation
  • Book keeping
  • Reciept and Payments
  • Voucher Management

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