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Ozone Production Tracker - Easing The Processes Of Aluminium Glass Architecture Industry

Ozone Production Tracker is a customizable and affordable software designed and developed by Ozone United Company LLC. When you implement our software in your day-to-day Production tasks, it will enable you to establish a comprehensive database of information for any location, at any level of the Hierarchy. Our web-based Production tracker system in Oman is highly feature-rich, user-friendly and it is designed to provide all the features. Ozone United provides Production Tracker system for all Aluminium-Glass Architecture industries allowing owners, managers,drivers and other employees access to information specific to their needs.

Why You Need a Comprehensive Production Tracker System?

In every Aluminium-Glass Architecture business, management and tracking are the two important functions that should be given prime importance. But in reality, many small and medium business enterprises do not take them seriously because of lack of knowledge about Production Tracker system in Oman or they do not have sufficient time to look deeply into the matter. As a result, several businesses hold back from running their own assets after realizing just how stressful and cumbersome it can be. In these situations, purchasing a reliable and customized Production Tracker software can simplify these tasks for you.

A goodProduction Tracker software can simplify management tasks within short duration and you can avoid the laborious work of having to do a lot of paperwork documenting all information necessary. The same is true whenever you need to access closed project information as you no longer have to go through all the heaps of papers just to find what you are looking for. Using the automated Production Tracker software, you can organize and store all the information you have entered into it for easy access and revision whenever required.

Ozone Production trackerhelps you to track from the definition of project until the end when Work completion Report is generated and invoiced. It can help you to track each stage of the project in detail and based on the user role, a logged in employee will only be able to access the pages assigned to him.

Salient Features of Ozone Production Tracker
  • Define Project
  • Define Scope of work for the Project
  • Engineer issues products that are required in Batches
  • Production team will define the specifications
  • Check in Store if materials are available for production
  • Issue purchase order from store if inadequate materials are available
  • Shop floor production tracking
  • QA/QC analysis after production
  • Manage delivery of materials to Site
  • Manage Installation of materials in Site
  • Material Estimation
  • Material Requisition
  • Manage tasks and sub tasks assigned to various employees
  • Material Return
  • Material Refabrication
  • Work Completion Report
  • Accountsto track status of Invoicing
  • Reports
Cut Unnecessary Expenses and Save Time

By automating Aluminium-Glass production tasks with Ozone Production Tracker, you can cut spending on the use of paper and save more time. If you are really interested in knowing more about our Production Tracker software then reach us by phone or via email.