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Ozone Retail ERP Solution – Automated Management Tool for Retail Businesses

Retail ERP Solution developed by Ozone United Company LLC is an open source enterprise automation software project licensed under the Apache License Version 2.0. Retail business enterprises need an integrated and web-based retail management system in Oman like our ERP software to deliver improved customer service across channels while driving growth and increased revenue. Ozone ERP retail solution helps your business to remain competitive in today's demanding multi-channel retail environment.
By open source enterprise automation we mean:

  • Open Source CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • Open Source ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
  • Open Source POS (Point of Sale)
  • Open Source e-business / ecommerce
  • Open Source CMMS/EAM (Maintenance Management System/Enterprise Asset Management)
  • Open Source MRP (Manufacturing Resources Planning), and so on.

Salient Features of Ozone Retail ERP Software

  • Catalogue management
  • Advanced ecommerce
  • Promotion and pricing management
  • Order management (sales and purchase)
  • Warehouse management
  • Manufacturing management
  • Customer management
  • Fulfilment (auto stock moves, batched pick, pack and ship)
  • General work effort management (events, tasks, projects, requests, etc.)
  • A maturing Point of Sales (POS) module using a rich client interface
  • Content management (for product content, websites, general content, blogging, forums etc)
  • Accounting (invoice, payment & billing accounts and fixed assets)

How a Retail ERP Software Boost Efficiency of Your Business
Most retail management systems run on the principle that efficiency is more closely correlated to money. By maximizing the efficiency of various aspects of a retail business, a web-based and user-friendly retail ERP system in Oman is able to streamline and optimize business processes, creating more revenue, minimizing costs, limiting errors and increasing productivity.
A software-based system like Ozone Retail ERP offers solutions from point-of-sale to logistics, to customer service, and everything in between. Ozone retail ERP software allows its user to conveniently input billing and delivery information at the same time, while making a sale. This can lead to a customer history consisting of accurate details that can be accessed conveniently.
A good ERP system can also integrate with credit / debit card processing, electronic check verification, signature capture and financed credit approvals, all in a secure environment. In terms of logistics, retail management systems can have multiple ways of recognizing products from barcodes to pick lists and individual tickets. In addition, delivery transactions can be handled in terms of sales orders, merchandise orders, customer returns, service repair orders, and exchanges. Multiple transactions can be updated within one screen of entry.
Customer service rates can be computed based on time spent working with a particular customer. Retail management systems can also be used for customer service, to view various facts and figures about inventory control and accounts payable and receivable. It is especially important to be efficient when dealing with customers directly, so as not to waste their valuable time in hopes of repeat purchases and customer loyalty.
Highly Affordable for Small/Medium Retailers
Our platform-independent retail ERP software is highly affordable for small and medium retail enterprises which are looking for cost-effective retail management software solutions. If you approach our experts at Ozone United Company LLC, we can provide you customization options in our ERP software that will fulfill your business requirements.