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Ozone RMS – Automated Management Solution for Restaurant Owners

Ozone RMS is a web-based, interactive and client-specific restaurant management software developed by Oman-based Ozone United Company LLC. This software helps restaurant owners in managing routine tasks smoothly and save time. Unlike other RMS software, each module of Ozone restaurant management system in Oman is feature rich, enabling maximum automation and providing in-depth reports into restaurant functioning. The comprehensive capabilities of Ozone RMS frees restaurant staff from mundane tasks and let them focus on providing more personalized service to diners. It enables restaurant owners to smoothly run day-to-day operations, boost efficiency right from the time of order to the handling of accounts.
How to Avoid Daily Hassles in Restaurant Management
A few of the hassles that any restaurant owner run into include personal, inventory, food purchasing, and tracking of the expenses of menu foods as well as spoilage. You will be in a difficult situation on a Sunday breakfast time when you discover that you are out of eggs and milk, has spoiled overnight. This will become your nightmare as it will create negative impression to your business and affects your revenue. You can avoid these hassles if you use a reliable and user-friendly restaurant management software.
By implementing an automated restaurant management system, you will be able to improve efficiency and boost business productivity. You can routinely offer your customers the excellent service by monitoring each of the essential aspects of your restaurant operation via RMS software. In this manner, your customers will count on your services and thereby bringing more profits to your business. Keep in mind that the resulting capability in efficiently managing day-to-day needs and avoiding problems, will going to reflect your personal expectations for a well-run restaurant business.
Features You Can Expect from Ozone RMS

  • Point of Sale
  • Table Layout and Reservation
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Integrated Guest History
  • Hand-Held Order Taking
  • Materials Management
  • Remote KOT/BOT Printing
  • Food & Beverage Costing
  • Controlled Production Cost
  • Access reports (cashier report, sales by item, ledger balance, cost centre consumption summary, daily transaction check list for recipes, receipt register, aging summary, cost report by kitchen, recipe check-list)
  • Reduced Revenue Leakage
  • Increased Automation For Faster Service
  • Optimized use of Manpower
  • Increased Customer Delight

Ozone RMS can Cut Expenses and Save Time
If you are looking for an alternative way for cutting unnecessary costs and save time for focusing on your core business activities for boosting revenue from your restaurant business then Ozone United's restaurant management system software can help you in fulfilling your needs and requirements. You can consult with our experts if you are interested in knowing more about Ozone RMS software.